Bathroom Towel Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Towel Storage Cabinet

A bathroom towel storage cabinet is an easy way to refresh your bathroom, irrelevant of its size. Measure the area so that you can understand what sizes it can accommodate.

Here are some of the best bathroom towel cabinets. Take a look and try something that suits your style.

Bathroom Towel Cabinet Purchase In 2022

Here are our 7 bathroom cabinet for towels in the USA market.

1. VASAGLE Floor Cabinet

VASAGLE Floor Cabinet

  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

If you are searching for a free standing towel cabinet that can fit into any bathroom décor, then take a closer look at this piece of furniture by Vasagle. Made of EPA-certificated MDF, it offers long-lasting services. Moreover, this unit has a smooth and environmentally friendly lacquered surface, which is easy to clean.

The Vasagle floor cabinet has three open shelves and one height-adjustable shelf hidden behind a door Top frames are the best to store towels and other frequently used items. The lower shelf has three height adjustments that means it can accommodate a variety of bathroom-related items.

The freestanding cabinet has compact dimensions, so it’s also perfect for small spaces. White shade combined with chrome-plated knobs suits any décor. Moreover, the unit is stable, but it also includes anti-toppling fittings. So, you can use this component for added stability, especially if you have kids in the house.

Vasagle cabinet is available in three different colors, sizes, and styles. So, you can pick a suitable variant according to your space. Try it if you are annoyed with a cluttered bathroom or living room. This unit looks attractive and elegant anywhere.


2. RiverRidge Somerset Wall Cabinet

RiverRidge Somerset Wall Cabinet

  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

A bathroom is where you can treat yourself and RiverRidge Somerset lets you do that. Constructed using engineered wood, it has a stylish and rich appearance that fits in any bathroom. This unit is available in white, but it also has another grey shade. So, you can pick any of them as per your existing décor.

RiverRidge Somerset has an elegant coved design top, which adds class to your space. It has two shelves that creates three storage compartments. The shelf hidden behind the doors is adjustable, which means it can accommodate a wide range of bathroom products. The open frame is best for towels. Moreover, you can use its wide top to place tableware or any other attractive items.

Due to its wall-mountable design, the cabinet is perfect for small spaces. Its price tag is marginally lower than other bathroom towel storage cabinets. So, you can try it without any financial worries.

RiverRidge Somerset wall cabinet could be a perfect purchase if you want to add some storage in your bathroom. Its classic design hides all the toiletries and keeps your towel fresh for everyday usage. This unit is simple to assemble. So, you can set it up with some basics.


3. Elegant Home Fashions St. James Linen Cabinet

Elegant Bathroom Storage Linen Cabinet

  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

If you are looking for a sleek bathroom cabinet for towels, then Elegant Home Fashions St. James Linen deserves your attention. Made of high-quality MDF, this unit is stable and long-lasting. Plus, it has a neutral and modern appearance that suits any of the bathrooms.

St. James Linen is a winner if we talk about storage because it has three indoor shelves and two drawers at the bottom. So, this unit can accommodate all your toilet-related products, including soaps, shampoos, towels, etc. Still, it does not occupy a lot of floor space.

Elegant Home cabinet reorganizes your space and makes it charming. This unit is finished in a neutral white shade, which compliments surrounding bathroom fixtures. Plus, it has classic crown molding and traditional double doors with bronze knobs. These doors uses magnetic closing mechanism for convenient usage.

This tall cabinet has clean lines that look great in any bathroom and compliments surrounding fixtures. So, you can try it for either traditional or modern washrooms. This unit has anti-tipping hardware, which ensures it does not fall off easily. Such a stable fixture could be perfect if you have kids in the house.


4. RiverRidge Ashland Collection Cabinet

RiverRidge Ashland Collection Cabinet

  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: Grey

Do you reside in a small apartment? Then, you can easily understand the challenges while finding fitting furniture pieces for your house. But, no need to worry now because a critical organizer is here.

RiverRidge Ashland bathroom cabinet for towels is compact and fits small spaces without occupying significant floor space. It is built solid and durable using engineered wood. Plus, this model is available in two different finishes.

The Ashland cabinet matches most of the bathroom decors because of its grey shade. Moreover, it has multiple storage compartments to contain all your bathroom-related items. The open cubby and drawers are perfect for your towels because they maintain complete air circulation. Then, there is a height-adjustable shelf that rests behind a stylish door.

The drawers do not have a handle, but you can easily open them because of their sliding design. Then, the doors have an inset beadboard styling that adds some class to your bathroom. Moreover, this unit anchors to the walls for added stability. So, it’s safe for all the members of your family.


5. Spirich Tall Slim Cabinet

Spirich Tall Slim Cabinet

  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

If you are searching for a sleek, modern, and compact cabinet for bathroom towels, then take a closer look at this option by Spirich. Whether we talk about style, durability, appearance, storage space, or affordability, it checks all the boxes. Made of laminated MDF, this multipurpose furniture is solid and long-lasting.

Spirich slim cabinet has five shelves and six storage compartments, wherein three of them are open, and the others are hidden behind a door. So, you can hide all the cleaning tools and toiletries in the lower compartments so that they can be safe from water and dust. The open shelves are perfect for towels and other frequently used items.

This tall bathroom towel cabinet comes in a white shade, which suits all the bathrooms. Its chrome-plated hardware adds class to your washroom. Apart from that, this unit has high-quality door hinges that move without making any sound.

The charming piece of furniture comes with detailed instructions and labeled parts so that you can assemble it quickly. Also, Sprich cabinet has a top over restraint device so that all the users can access it safely.


6. Elegant Tall Narrow Bathroom Cabinet – Glancy Linen

Elegant Tall Bathroom Cabinet

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White

Elegant Homes Glancy Linen cabinet has the required amount of storage for all your essentials. Crafted using hardwood, this rectangular white bathroom towel cabinet has five storage compartments. So, you can easily store some extra supplies.

All the shelves are hidden behind a pair of the louvered-style door. You can access the storage area with the help of two chrome-plated knobs. Both the doors use a magnetic closure mechanism for convenient usage. Moreover, it has crown molding for an elegant appearance. Due to such a unique appearance and functionality, this cabinet adds class to your washroom.

You will like the fact that the Glancy Linen cabinet comes with an adjustable shelf that allows you to store different-sized materials and customize the storage space. Hence, it rearranges all the bathroom-related items without any exception.

The Glancy Linen is available in two shades, letting you achieve your dream bathroom as per the existing décor. Plus, this unit is perfect for small spaces because of its compact footprints. So, a compartment dweller can also try this storage solution. It comes with a particular hardware package, which makes the installation process easy.


7. IWELL Wall Bathroom Cabinet

IWELL Wall Bathroom Cabinet

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White

Wall mountable bathroom cabinets are perfect for compact bathrooms. Such a unit adds functionality and storage space to your wash area. It’s one of the reasons why Iwell wall bathroom cabinet deserves your attention.

The towel cabinet for small bathroom comes with lots of storage space. A height-adjustable shelf behind the doors is perfect for your bathroom-related items. Then, its open frame is suitable to keep things that you use every day. Another unique feature of this cabinet is its full-width towel bar, which is perfect for storing towels.

The Iwell cabinet is available in a white shade that suits all the spaces. This unit mounts on the walls, and hence, it never overcrowds the bathroom. Moreover, the cabinet can withstand up to 35 pounds. So you can enjoy its services without any hesitation.

Manufactured using high-grade MDF material, the Iwell bathroom cabinet towel bar cum storage solution is long-lasting. Its surface is finished with environmentally friendly paint, which is waterproof and safe to use for all your family members. On top of that, it has anti toppling devices to eliminate any potential dangers.



You can add style, comfort, and elegance with the help of a bathroom towel storage cabinet. There are multiple options in the market, but now you know some of the bathroom towel cabinets.

So, it’s time to pick suitable furniture that can do the needful according to your needs, even if you are decorating a small bathroom.

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