Best Shower Head Under $100

Best Shower Head Under $100

You can find the best shower head under $100, but you have to invest a lot of time researching and comparing the available models.

It’s where we can help with this list of some high-grade models. Let’s take a look and see if you can find a perfect match for your bathroom.

Shower Head Under $100 To Purchase In 2022

Here are our 11 shower head under 100 reviews in the USA market.

1. SR SUN RISE Shower System

SR SUN RISE Shower System

  • Built materials: ABS, Stainless steel
  • Finish: Oil rubbed bronze
  • Showerhead size: 4.375 Inch
  • Hose length: 70 inch

SE Sun Rise shower system is a rare mix of affordability, style, and durability. It provides complete coverage to your body and offers powerful sprays using high-pressure technology. Hence, this model offers a warm and relaxing shower that can eliminate all your fatigue and stress after a long day’s work.

SR Sun Rise shower system has a high-quality ABS construction, which keeps It safe from rust. Moreover, the set has an oil-rubbed bronze finish, which adds elegance to your bathroom. In addition, it’s easy to install because all the washers and wrench is included with the package.

The shower system comprises an overhead shower and a handheld. Both the heads come with six different settings, including power rain, stay warm mist, massage, economy rain, pause, and other combinations. Apart from that, they have self-clean jets to offer high-quality bathing experiences without much maintenance.

All thanks to a 3-way diverter, you can conveniently use the SR Sun Rise shower system. It allows you to enjoy an overhead shower, handheld, or both of them. Overall, this model is the best shower head under 100 dollars because of its stable built, high-pressure water flow, self-cleaning jets, and easy installation.


2. HOMEBODY Shower System

HOMEBODY Store Shower System

  • Built materials: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Showerhead size: 8 inch
  • Hose length: 59 inch

Homelody shower system is a beautiful bathroom fixture, which comprises an 8-inch overhead shower and a 4-inch handheld. It has a stainless steel construction, which is rust-free and long-lasting. Moreover, this shower set has a brushed nickel design that adds elegance to your bathroom.

The overhead shower mimics natural rainfall, which is luxurious and energetic. All its water outlets are made of silica gel particles that are easy to clean. So, you can remove the hard-water and calcium accumulation with a few finger swipes.

The handheld connects with a 59-inch stainless steel hose, which allows you to focus the water stream anywhere in the bathroom. It has five different modes: full-body spray, soft spray, massage spray, high-pressure jet spray, and pause. Hence, you can choose any of them as per your showering needs.

Here is the good news.

The Homelody shower system comes with a height slide bar, which allows you to change the handheld’s height. There is also a soap dish, which is also height adjustable with the help of a hex screwdriver. So, all the users can use it irrespective of their height.


3. Kebao Shower Faucets Set

Kebao Shower Faucets Set

  • Built materials: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Showerhead: 10 inch
  • Hose length: 60 inch

Kebao faucet set is another best dual shower head under 100 dollars because it offers excellent functionality without asking you to spend a lot. The shower set uses air injection technology to provide vital water flow. Hence, it might be a solid choice if you reside in an area with low water pressure.

The faucet set comes with a 10-inch rainfall showerhead, which covers your body for comfortable showers. It includes a 16-inch shower arm, which is excellent if you are building a new bathroom. Then, there is a handheld that’s connected with a 60-inch shower hose. The handheld also has a brass-made holder.

This hand shower maintains a water flow of 2.0 GPM. It has a removable flow restrictor. So, you can take this component out if you want more water pressure.

Kebao set uses a cUPC certified pressure balancer valve to maintain adequate water pressure. Moreover, it keeps you safe from scalding, cold shocks, and any other injury that’s possible due to sudden changes in the hot or cold water pressure.


4. Gabrylly Shower

Gabrylly Shower

  • Built materials: ABS, Brass
  • Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Showerhead: 6 inch
  • Tub spout: 5.9 inch

An oil-rubbed bronze shower might be a great addition to your space. Hence, you can take a closer look at the Gabrylly Shower that’s suitable for both modern and traditional bathrooms. It comprises a rain shower head and a tub spout, wherein both offer uninterrupted water flow.

The rain shower head offers a high-pressure rainfall shower, which is not only refreshing but addicting as well. After enjoying its experience of natural rainfall, you will never use regular showerheads. The head connects with a 6-inch shower arm using an adjustable angle joint. So, you can divert the water flow in any direction.

The included spout has a length of 5.9,” and it quickly fills your bathtub. A diverter is smartly placed in the tap so that you can quickly change the water flow. Moreover, the set has a single handle design, enabling you to adjust the water flow and temperature easily.

Try Gabrylly Shower kit if you want to experience the best rainfall shower head under 100 dollars. It’s sleek, elegant, durable and gives you the complete worth of your investment.


5. HoliSpa Shower Kit

HoliSpa Shower Kit

  • Built materials: ABS, Brass
  • Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Showerhead size: 6-inch
  • Tub spout: 5.3 inch

HoliSpa shower kit is a fantastic addition to your bathroom because of its stylish appearance, high-quality built, and affordable price tag. Manufacturer using Brass and ABS, it’s a durable product that lasts for many more years to come. Plus, this model has an oil-rubbed bronze finish that adds aesthetic value to our bathroom.

This kit has the best rain shower head under $100 because it offers six different water spray modes, including full body spray, massaging spray, full spray with massage, and others. Moreover, the overhead rain shower is scratch and corrosion-proof. Plus, it resists tarnishing and maintains new-like shine, especially if you keep the kit clean.

Apart from the overhead shower, the kit also includes a tub spout with a diverter. It’s a perfect addition if you own a bathtub. This spout offers a high flow rate and fills your tub without taking much time.

HoliSpa shower kit is compatible with all the 1/2″ U.S. plumbing connections. This model might be a perfect choice if you live in an area where water pressure is low. It maintains excellent water flow even if the conditions are unfavorable.


6. American Standard 1660527.243 Studio Showerhead

American Standard 1660527.243

  • Built materials: Brass
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Showerhead size: 8 inch

American Standard Studio S is a sleek showerhead, which fits into any bathroom to make it stylish. The showerhead offers a drenching flow of rainfall using an 8-inch spray face. Moreover, it has a matte-black design that compliments other fixtures in your bathroom.

The Studio S has soft rubber spray nozzles that you can easily clean using your fingers. Apart from that, it has a pressure compensating device that boosts the water flow even if it’s not satisfactory. So, you don’t have to deal with limescale and hard-water accumulation that generally degrades the water pressure.

American Standard Studio S is constructed using high-quality Brass. The shower head maintains a standard water flow of 2.5 GPM, which means it conserves water and helps you cut down the utility bills. However, the shower arm is not included.

Overall, American Standard Studio S is the best rain shower head under $100 if we talk about built quality and showering experiences. It maintains constant pressure and releases water droplets similar to natural rainfall.


7. GAPPO Rain Shower System

Rain Shower System

  • Built materials: Stainless steel, Brass
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Showerhead size: 10 inch
  • Hose length: 59 inch

With integrated air injection technology, the Gappo rain shower system delivers proper water flow when low pressure. The technology also saves up to 30 percent of water. Hence, the shower system is perfect if you care about our natural resources and want to cut down your utility bills.

The rain shower system is durable because of its stainless steel and Brass built. So, it can last for a lifetime with regular cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, this fixture has an elegant matte black finish, which keeps it safe from corrosion. Plus, the shower system is easy to install, even if you don’t have any skills.

This shower set includes a round rain shower head and handheld. The overhead shower is made of 304 stainless steel and offers a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Plus, this head never makes any noise.

The handheld is constructed of high-grade Brass. Hence, it easily adapts between hot and cold water temperatures. This hand shower has a flow restrictor, which is removable if you want more pressure.


8. POP Black Dual-Function Shower Set

POP Black Dual-Function Shower Set

  • Built materials: Stainless Steel, Brass
  • Finish: Black
  • Showerhead size: 4 inch
  • Hose length: 59 inch

If you like the color black, then take a look at the Pop dual function shower head. Its plain black appearance is not only stylish and sleek but unique as well. Moreover, the beautiful shower set adds more functionality to your bathroom.

The shower set includes an overhead shower and handheld, wherein both have six different water spray modes. These heads work at high pressure and offer satisfactory batteries whenever you want. The set has a 3-way diverter so that you can use both the showerheads simultaneously.

The pop shower set is built of stainless steel and brass. Hence, it stays in your bathroom for many more years irrespective of the intense usage. Both the heads have a decent size of 4-inch. Moreover, they are built using self-clean jets. Plus, the handheld is connected with a stainless steel hose, which is helpful in multiple situations.

As you can see, the dual function shower set by Pop is designed to perform without taking a lot out of your bank account. There are no compromises because you can enjoy multiple water sprays. Plus, it’s easy to install and looks great in your bathroom.


9. Homelody Shower Faucet Set


  • Built materials: Brass, Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Showerhead size: 6 inch
  • Hose length: 59 inch

If you want to invest in a durable and stylish showerhead under 100 dollars, then try the shower set by Homebody. Crafted using high-quality Brass, both its top spray and handheld are leak-free and long-lasting.

Moreover, there are five different spray modes to choose from, including mist, massage, and rain. In addition, the set offers 25 combined patterns. You can use both the head independently or simultaneously.

The hand shower is connected with a metal hose, which is lightweight and flexible. It adds convenience to your showers. Apart from the two showerheads, the set also comprises a bathtub spout.

The faucet set uses a pressure balance valve spool, which immediately cuts the water supply If there are any sudden changes in its pressure. Such a function ensures the safety of all your family members. Hence, you can try it if you have kids or senior citizens in the house.

Homelody faucet set has a spool protection sleeve that keeps the valve core safe during transportation. Plus, it also helps you to attach the main valve to the bathroom wall. Once the set is connected, you can take out the sleeve.


10. HAOXIN Retrofit Shower System

HAOXIN Retrofit Shower

  • Built materials: ABS, Brass
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Showerhead: 9 inch
  • Hose length: 59 inch

Haoxin Retrofit has a brushed nickel finish, which is elegant and mixes well with other fixtures in your bathroom. It comes with a 9-inch rainfall showerhead, which has rub-clean soft nozzles. The head is connected using a ball joint, so its angle is adjustable.

Apart from the fixed head, Retrofit also has a hand shower that adds to your showering convenience. The wand is connected with a shower hose that shows it is worth it when you want to clean the bathroom walls. The hand shower is made of high-quality ABS. Hence, it’s rust-free and durable.

The handheld is attached to a slide bar, which lets you adjust its height according to yours. The adjustment is available up and down for 24.4 inches. The task is straightforward because it has to push a button for the movement. This hand shower’s holder is also 90-degree adjustable.

These are the reasons why Haoxin retrofit is the best dual shower head under 100 dollars for senior citizens, kids, and disabled users. The set is easy to install because all the accessories are included except the shower valve. So, it’s best if you are modifying your space.


11. APPASO Shower Faucet

APPASO Shower Faucet

  • Built materials: ABS, Brass
  • Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Showerhead: 6 inch
  • Tub spout: 1.5 inch

Appaso shower set is attractive, durable, and is cUPC/UPC certified. The faucet set has a 6-inch rainfall showerhead, which has five different water spray modes. Moreover, it has a lead-free brass valve, which ensures leak-free performance.

The shower set also includes a 1.5-inch large water spout, which adds to its value. This combo maintains excellent pressure in both its showerhead and faucet. Apart from that, this shower set has an easy-to-control single handle design.

This shower system has ABS construction, excluding the arm, which is brass-made. Plus, it has an oil-rubbed bronze treatment that’s rust-free and dust-resistant. So, the Appaso set is easy to clean and maintain.

The Appaso shower faucet has standard NPT 1/2″ that connects with most of the existing shower systems. Everything is included with the set, so you will not face any problems installing it.



We hope now you can select the best shower head under $100 for your bathroom. The showerheads below this price tag ensures everyone can enjoy inexpensive yet high-quality showers.

Most of the models we discussed above are compatible with standard connections. So, pick something according to the size of your bathroom, existing design, and other specifications.

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