How To Recycle Vacuum Cleaner

Most of us own a vacuum cleaner, but we rarely think about recycling it before looking for a new one.

Throwing a vacuum into the trash and purchasing a new one is easy, but this practice is harmful to the environment.

Also, throwing a vacuum cleaner does not help you at all while buying a new cleaning machine. Instead of dumping your vacuum, consider to recycle it, so that you can be sure that it is not making any negative impact on our ecosystem.

You can also resell or donate it so that someone in need can use it and appreciate your gesture.

In the case of reselling, you will get some amount of money that you can use while purchasing a new vacuum.

Start with Basic Troubleshooting

If the vacuum has stopped working, it might work again if you perform necessary cleanup. You do not need technical knowledge to do a primary maintenance session.

Open the upper compartment in case you have an upright or stick vacuum, clean it properly by removing the dirt and dust.

Replace the dust bag, look for any big stuff that may be picked by the vacuum by mistake.

Can You Get it Repaired?

There are chances that the non-working vacuum cleaner may still have something left in it.

So, try to get it repaired from the same manufacturer. Check it online. If it is not even under warranty, they can send a paid technician to fix the vacuum cleaner.

For example, you can get the necessary troubleshooting steps and contact number for Shark vacuums here. Similarly, try to find support for the brand of your vacuum cleaner.

If you cannot see it online, then try to find a local electronic store or technician who can fix it. Electronic stores which have the technicians to vacuums are generally situated near hardware stores. Search it on Google as well.

Selling Options

1. Websites or apps. If your vacuum cleaner is functional, it can spend its life in some other house. The Internet gives you some options where you can easily sell a used vacuum.

Log in to eBay or Gumtree, upload some images and wait for some clicks. And yes, do not make it too expensive, it should be reachable for all the masses. You can also use apps for eBay and Gumtree.

2. Electronic store: Local vacuum recyclers may or may not accept all the components of a vacuum cleaner. If they do, they might ask for a high price. Repair shops will only purchase those components that they can use to repair other models.

There are numerous vacuum cleaning brands, and this is the reason why a repair shop cannot stack up all the parts. But still, you will be able to sell some of the parts for a decent price.

If you are a technical person, then you can try to disassemble it yourself to separate the pats. Nozzle, brushes, hoses, belts are all good resale candidates. Attachments are easy to use, and you can easily sell them to the electronic store.

Spare belts and packed filter packs can also bring some bucks. You can easily separate these parts and mention them on eBay. Just know what you are doing. Make sure you have the toolset to disassemble all the parts.

3. Sell it to any friend. Maybe any of your friends is looking for an inexpensive vacuum. You can always sell it to someone who you know – at a reasonable price. Again, it should be in a working condition for that.

Swapping Events

Several local electronic stores and shopping marts organize events wherein you can exchange your old electronic items for something useful in return.

Recycling Options

You can utilize some of the sites that will pick up your old vacuum cleaner without much difficulty. Two best online resources that can pick up the vacuum cleaner from your doorstep are GoVacuum and BestBuy.

BestBuy will give you credits while purchasing a new vacuum from their website or they offer you a gift card worth of the old cleaner. While GoVacuum can pick the vacuum without any shipping charges and recycle the product.


One of the most effective ways to recycle the vacuum cleaner is to donate it. Consider giving the vacuum to another person who is in need and can utilize it. Childcare establishments, schools or anyone in the neighborhood will always appreciate this step.

Many night shelters are always in search of such inexpensive buys. But yes, make sure that the vacuum is still functional before donating it to anyone.

You can also consider it to giving anyone in your family. Maybe you need something in the future, and you get it from them.

Use it as an Art Fixture

If the vacuum cleaner is in such a bad condition that neither you can sell or donate it, then use the vacuum for another purpose.

If you are using an upright, take out all the parts from the primary container, and use the container for storage in your garage or the kitchen.

If you are creative enough, you can use the vacuum as a plant pot with some painting on it.

Final Verdict

Always try to maintain your vacuum cleaner to extend its life. If it has given up, try to utilize the ideas above. Do not just throw your vacuum to be a landfill. Even if you are not recycling, use other steps to keep the vacuum going if it is getting used by someone, how is it going to the dumpsters?

We should get into a habit of reusing the stuff to minimize electronic waste. To want to know why?

Recycling conserves our natural resources like forests, wildlife, and in turns it protects us.

Recycling saves energy, energy to transform the products. Manufacturing paper using recycled products is forty percent energy efficient. The power utilized to recycle electronic stuff and glasses will be used in other areas where the country needs light. Recycling reduces the dangerous and climate changing carbon emission in the climate, creates jobs and there are other endless things to know.

Enjoy the green around us and try to keep it that way. Every step counts.