How To Remove Pet Hair

If you have a dog or a cat or maybe both, we understand how difficult it can for you to take out all of their hair from your furniture and carpets.

Not everyone has leather sofas in the house. So, most of the pet owners are left with a roll of tape, trying to pick every hair that they can see.

But, is I this the right way to clean?

So, let us talk about some of the alternatives that can save your energy and give you better results.

Remove The Pet Hair From Pet

Prevention is better than cure

Accept this fact; if you own a pet, you have to deal with the hair shred. So, below are the two things that need to be done in case you want it to be a problem.

  1. Feed them well. Make sure your pet is eating the right amount of nutritional food items. If its diet includes sufficient vitamin and minerals, it is supposed to shed less hair. So, make sure your pet is getting high-quality meals, keep it healthy.
  2. Use good quality pet brush. Another way to reduce hair shredding is by brushing your pet regularly. Use brushes that can take out all the loose hair their under hair coat. Furminator dog brush is a good example. DakPets Deshedding Brush is another inexpensive option with high ratings on Amazon. Regular brushing is also healthy for your pet’s skin, as it regulates natural oil of the hair and maintains blood circulation. We assume that all the pet owners are accustomed of brushing your animal, but if you forget to do it, remember the results will be soon on your couch
  3. Cutting off the long hair is another ideal solution to minimize hair shedding.

Remove Pet Hair From The Floor

Pet walks everywhere in your house. That is the reason they shred everywhere on the level, especially the area where they spent most of the time. So, cleaning the floor from pet hair is also included in the daily struggle of a pet owner.

Vacuum cleaner. Regular and thorough cleaning of the house using a vacuum cleaner is the best solution to make your house dust and hair free, especially from the hardwoods and carpets. Start from the walls, then remove the hair and other dirt from the floor. Use different attachments for windows and other materials.

Microfiber dry mop. To get the best results on hard or laminated floors, use a microfiber mop. It takes less effort and thoroughly cleans the floor.

If you notice that the pet hair is hiding inside the floor cracks or separations, you should consider applying a coat of sealer. Pet hair will not be able to hide from the vacuum afterward, and you will be safe from spending time to pick hairs from the tight places.

Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

If you and your dog watch the soccer matches together on the sofa, then you will find some fur there as well. Some of the best ways to tackle pet hair from furniture are as follows.

Vacuum cleaners: Handheld pet vacuums are one of the most popular ways to get rid of pet hair from fabric and upholstery furniture. Example, Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner. It has a roller brush with rubber teeth on the front, which removes hair from upholstery furniture and car seats. It also works fine for small messes. Other examples of pet vacuums are Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Shark Pet-Perfect cordless cleaner, and Eureka Easy Clean. Apart from handheld vacuums, you can also use a lint roller.

Rubber gloves. To remove pet hair from upholstery or fabric furniture, you can use a dampened rubber glove. You just have to run your hands over the furniture to attract pet hair. Once the glove covered with hair all over, rinse it and repeat. If you do not have access to the glove, you can also use a wet sponge. At least better option than endless tape rolls.

Anti-static spray. To remove pet hair from wooden or glass furniture, you can use an anti-static spray. Afterward, use a soft cloth to remove them quickly as they will not stick to the surface because of the lost charges.

Remove Pet Hair From Car

Occasionally, your pet also rides in the car. Especially, when you are going on a trip, or you want to flaunt your favorite animal. In any case, you may find pet hair on your car seats.

You can always use a handheld vacuum cleaner to solve the purpose. But, if you are yet to buy one, then you can use pumice stone for the carpets inside the car. Use lint rollers for the seats.

If there is more fur, you can use damp rubber gloves to clean the seats.

If you do not have the rubber gloves, you can also use a wet cloth or sponge. Other ways to get rid of pet hair includes

Balloon. Less of us know that an inflated balloon can pick all the hair once moved around the seats. Rinse the balloon and rerun it if needed. This technique is only successful for less amount of pet hair.

Wire brush. Another effective way of getting off that hair that is not ready to leave the seats and carpets. You can use the same brush for grooming of your dog as well.

Squeegee. Another inexpensive yet useful tool in removing pet hair, especially from windows and other hard surfaces. Its rubber easily catches the hair when moved from top to bottom. You can find this easy to use squeegee at any of the nearby grocery stores.

Remove Pet Hair From Clothes

Dog hair is one of the reasons why we love them. But, what if that hair is lying on your suit just before you are leaving for an office meeting. In such cases, you can use the following products to get rid of the unwanted fur.

Lint roller. If you own a pet, then you must be knowing about this, but for the beginners, lint rollers are one of the easiest and quickest to get rid of pet hair from your clothes. Especially, if you are leaving the house. The Evercare lint roller is a great buy if you plan to purchase one. Lint rollers from 3M are another useful option.

On the go, you will need something like Hurricane Fur Wizard. It can fit anywhere in a briefcase, car drawers, in your purse (If you are one of the women pet owners). Be prepared for pet hair, anytime.

Spikey dryer ball. The movement of the ball with clothes will loosen the grips of fur, and they will be washed off. So, you should use it in the washing machine if you see excessive hair shredding in your pets. For better results, you can use a liquid water softener.

White vinegar. Washing your clothes with ½ cup or ¾ cup white vinegar can make sure that your clothes will be hair free after laundry.

Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

Carpets are the real hideout for fur shred by your pet. Apart from vacuums, there are many other ways to get rid of pet hair from carpeted floors.

  1. Evriholder Furemover Broom. A combination of broom and squeegee that is designed to remove all the pet hair from the carpets. You can also use it to clean other small spills, wash windows and even cars.
  2. Fur remover. If you are want something that you can carry around as a pet hair cleaner, then Carpet Pet Hair Remover is another excellent option. It does the same work that a broom does, but it just fits in your hands. You can easily store it in drawers.
  3. Pet hair vacuum cleaner. While vacuum cleaning, go over the area twice, especially where you see more fur. Even if you feel that it is not giving you the desired results, you can opt for a vacuum cleaner specially designed to absorb pet hair. Example. Dyson Cyclone V10
  4. Use a mop. After you vacuum the area, use a lightly damp cloth or sponge on the carpets. The sponge will pick all the hair that is left by vacuum. If you notice excessive hair shred in your pets, then we recommend you to sprinkle baking soda over the carpets before vacuum cleaning. That will loosen the grip of hair, and the vacuum will quickly pick them.
  5. Pumice cleaning stone. Rub a pumice stone gently along the surface of the carpets. That will bring all pet hair in the front, and vacuum cleaner will quickly pick them.

Bottom line

Whether you are using a vacuum cleaner, a mop or rubber gloves, you have to be consistent. You do not have to do the hair cleaning daily, but a weekly visit on the places your pet generally hangs out is advised. You will be able to keep everything in control by using any of the given ways. Try and share the results.

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