How To Remove Water Restrictor From Moen Shower Head

How To Remove Water Restrictor From Moen Shower Head?

If you notice reduced water pressure from your shower head but nowhere else, then there are chances that the flow restrictor of your showerhead is clogged.

You can remove the flow restrictor to solve this problem.

What Is A Flow Restrictor?

A component designed to limit the water flow within 2.5 gallons per minute is called a flow restrictor. It’s an excellent concept, but not for regions with low water pressure.

The restrictor makes your shower irritating by turning water spray into a trickle, which gives you a tough time while rinsing all the body parts.

What Does A Flow Restrictor Look Like?

A flow restrictor is a flat and circular item built using plastic. It has a metal center, which is generally star-shaped. You can find this component behind the screw attachment part of our showerhead. Its opening is very close to the edge.

Do you have a handheld shower? You can find the flow restrictor on its handle’s edge where the hose is connected. It might be fitted behind the showerhead or inside the bottom or top of the flexible hose. Check the manufacturer’s manual if you cannot find the flow restrictor.

According to National Energy Act demands all shower head manufacturers add a flow restrictor to their products. It’s because this component can reduce your utility bills. Hence, all the brands ship their shower systems with a flow restrictor to save water and reduce bills.

If you wish to increase the water pressure in a Moen shower head, remove its flow restrictor. But, be ready to see a rise in your utility bills. Apart from that, be careful while removing this component. Otherwise, you might damage its threads.

How To Remove Water Restrictor From Moen Shower Head?

Remove Water Restrictor From Moen Shower Head

Required items: Rag, plumber tape, screwdriver, paper clip, and wrench

As we stated, removing the flow restrictor increases your water and energy bills. So, if you are ready to bear the additional cost, follow the given steps to remove the water conservator from the Moen showerhead and boost the water flow.

The Process To Increase Water Pressure In Moen Shower Head

Wrap a piece of rag around the spot where your shower head is connected with its hose. Place a wrench over the rag and tighten its jaws. Use one hand to grab the pipe so that it does not rotate while you loosen the connector. Start turning the wrench counterclockwise to disconnect your shower head from its hose.

Now you will see a rubber O-ring gasket on the showerhead’s neck. Take the ring out using your hands. Do not use a plier or screwdriver because these tools can damage the gasket. Then, turn the showerhead’s neck in your palm and shake the internal screen to loosen it. Put the gasket and mesh aside.

Do you see the flow restrictor now? It’s a flat plastic-made component with multiple small perforations, similar to an aerator. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the water saver. Insert the corner edge of the screwdriver to the middle of the restrictor and remove it. Do not apply extra force. Otherwise, the screwdriver might damage the inner threads of your bathing head.

After successful removal of the water saver, reinsert the screen and O-ring gasket inside your shower head. Then, unwrap the old plumber’s tape from the shower arm thread and apply new tape. Afterward, insert the showerhead into its hose and rotate the head using your hands.

You can use the wrench if required. Place the rag before using it. Hold the showerhead with one hand and rotate the wrench to tighten the head. Turn on the water flow to see the change. The water flow should be higher now.

How To Remove Water Restrictor From Aa Wall-mounted Moen Shower Head?

You can follow the same process that we discussed to remove water savers from a wall-mounted Moen showerhead.

Remove the head: Wrap the shower head connector using a small price of rag. Use a wrench to take out the head.

Take out the water saver: After removing the head, you must take out a seal and screen or mesh filter. You can remove the restrictor after taking out these two components. A plier is perfect for removing the seal. Tap the head on your palm to take out the screen. Use a flat screwdriver to detach the restrictor.

Reassemble the showerhead: Place the screen and washer to their designated places. Then, remove the existing Teflon tape from the shower arm threads and apply new ones in a clockwise direction. Afterward, attach the showerhead using your hands. You can use the wrench if required.

Final Thoughts

Follow the steps mentioned above to remove the water restrictor from the Moen showerhead. Consult a plumber if you don’t have much time or expertise.

Keep in mind that the showerhead’s warranty might be void after removing its flow restrictor.

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