Best Pet Hair Removal Products

Do you own a pet, a dog or a cat?

If yes, then there are chances that hair from their body is troubling you.

On the sofa, floor, carpet, dryer and even in your shoes, you see it everywhere. It’s time that you focus on cleanup as it may be harmful to health, especially if you are allergic or have kids in the house.

Research says that Labrador Retrievers, Pekingese, and Newfoundlands tend to shred more hair than other breeds. Cats that shed more includes American Bobtail, Chartreux, American Curl, Siberian, and Cymrics. If you own any one of these species, then shredding must be a big concern.

Numerous products clean pet hair, but not all of them all are sufficient enough to do it properly. Some of those products prick up a few strands and leave some behind while others work right, but only for first few uses.

So, it is difficult to look for products that give complete pet hair free house.

We understand that saying hair-free is a high standard because your pet is going to shred more hair than you clean, but, still, there should be some products worthy of your effort and money.

That is why, we have collected some of the best pet hair removal products.

1. Evriholder FURemover Broom with Squeegee

For users looking for an inexpensive tool to remove pet hair cleaning, Evriholder FURemover is a dual function brush that is made of soft telescopic rubber bristles, that easily removes hair from furniture, carpets, and upholstery. As an additional benefit, it also includes a squeegee that you can use to clean windows, cars and boat decks. Apart from animal hair, it also removes other dust and dirt from the surface or material. Simple to use, yet gives effective results. And yes, it is washable.

2. Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

Hair from carpets and upholstery are difficult to remove until and unless you use a brush. There is another option that can help you to remove hair from carpets and furniture, Pet Hair Remover from Fur-Zoff. It is easy to use and gives useful results.

Without spending too much of money and time, you can use it for numerous times. But yes, it is not recommended to those who are noticing extreme hair fall.

You cannot use the remover on a hard floor or any smooth surface, which may be another drawback for the users.

3. ChomChom Roller

The idea of this roller is to give you hair free furniture. Here, we are talking about living room sofas, carpets, and beds. It is a roller with fine bristles that picks up all the fur from a variety of surfaces and materials. It stores all the hair on a cabinet until you empty it.

If you check the price on Amazon, you may find it higher than other hair removal products. IT is only because of its quality cleaning and ability to pick pet hair.

We talked to several users of ChomChom, and most of them gave it high rating than any other hair removal roller.

4. Mudeela Travel-Size Pet Hair Remover Brush

If you are one of the women who has a car or dog, then there are chances that you may want to keep a lint roller in your purse. That is why we are mentioning this small yet useful hair remover brush from Mudeela. You can easily keep it inside the bag or briefcase, in case of any emergency cleaning needs.

It uses small brushes to catch the fur from your clothes. This handheld brush folds into a tray and keeps all the fur inside. You can empty the small shelf whenever you want.

Its tray also keeps the other things clean from the hair stuck on the bristles. Overall, a must tool for pet owners who need to clean their clothes on the go.

5. Kong Zoom Groom Grooming Brush

No matter how much you brush your dog, the hair kept coming after every pass. That is why we suggest that you use the Zoom Groom brush. Once you use this brush, it will remove the hair in a better manner, and you will not get much of fur inside your house.

The grooming brush does not have negative impacts on your pet as it is made of rubber that is not scratchy or harsh. So, use it while you are giving a bath to your pet, but keep it away from your dog because always try to chew it.

6. Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum

Brilliant for hair removal, this V6 cordless vacuum from Dyson has outstanding suction power. It works on all kinds of floors, even on carpeted ones.

V6 is a cordless vacuum, so you do not have to even worry about the power cable. It entirely has rotating brushes powerful enough to catch hair from all surfaces in one pass.

The vacuum comes with several attachments that you can use to clean different areas and materials.  However, due to a short runtime, we only recommend it for small spaces, car interiors, and furniture. If you own a medium-sized apartment flat, then it can be an ideal solution for cleaning hair.

7. Winx Pet True Air Purifier with PlasmaWave Technology

Are you allergic to pet hair? Maybe someone in your family is?

An air purifier is the perfect solution. Not all the air purifiers are good for hair shredding pets; some of them only work for the smoke while few of them are only useful on pollens.

But, created using PlasmaWave technology, Winx air purifier removes all the infections at a molecular scale. So, it not only neutralizes pet hair but also eliminates odor, other viruses, and allergens.

The air purifier drastically reduces the number of pet hair on the floor. We ran the purifier for 24 hours and felt that it keeps the air fresh and clean, removes any pet or dog odor, even if they have not gone for a bath in recent days.

8. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

You can clean the house using a vacuum and keep the air fresh using air purifier. But, what about your clothes, how will you get rid of pet hair from your shirt?

We have seen some individuals using a sticky tape wrapped around their arm to remove the fur stuck in their clothes. It works but leaves a layer of adhesive behind that eventually attracts more hair over time.

We suggest you to use a lint roller or a hair remover brush.

One of the best lint rollers that can keep you free from hair comes from Scotch-Brite. It is available on Amazon as a combo pack of five rollers, each coming with 95 sheets having high-quality adhesive to pick all the hair from your clothes.

You have to pass the roller once on the clothes to get rid of shredded fur. Once you see that the sheet is not picking up hair, remove it and use the fresh one.

The roller works well, but it is not reusable, so you have to replace it once all the sheets are used.

However, looking at its price, we can say this is an ideal hair removal solution.

9. FURminator deShedding Tool

We have discussed a few options to clean hair. Let us take a look at a product that can help in reducing the hair shredding, FURminator. If you see excessive shedding, this is the best solution.

This a comb made of stainless steel that goes through the dog’s upper hair coat, reaches its undercoat and removes loose hair. Do not worry; it is completely safe for the animal. It will not damage the coat or scratch the skin if used as directed.

The comb is available both for long and short hair types. There five variants available in each range, so that you can choose depending on the hair length of your dear pet.

We have tested all these brushes and other tools mentioned on this list and got positive results. If you have a lovely cat or a friendly dog in your house, then having any one of these is recommended. Cleaning times will always be there.