Smallest Shower Enclosures

Smallest Shower Enclosures – Reviews 2022

The smallest shower enclosures serve what you can understand from the name; they fit into small bathing areas to make them more functional.

These compact chambers go into compact bathrooms, and only because they are small does it not make them any less functional.

A wide range of small enclosures are available to purchase, so it’s worth investing some time in finding the right option.

Small Shower Enclosures To Purchase In 2022

Here are our 9 minimalist shower enclosures reviews in the USA market.

1. Ove Decors Breeze Glass Enclosure

Ove Decors Breeze-32 Shower Enclosure

  • Size: 32 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 6 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome

Ove Decors Breeze is perfect for small and medium-sized bathrooms. It includes an acrylic base, an excellent addition if you do not have one already installed. This model comes in three pieces, which makes its setup easy and fast.

The Breeze glass enclosure has a reversible installation, which means you can configure it with a right or left door opening. Moreover, this model is built using a durable CSA-certified tempered glass, which has a thickness of 6 mm. Then, there is chrome finished handle that makes your bathroom stylish.

You can install the Ove Decors Breeze glass chamber on either finished or unfinished walls. This model has a size of 32 inches, but you can also try its 34, 36, or 38-inch version as per the size of your bathroom. This variant comes with one warranty of 5 years on its acrylic base and shower. Also, there is a warranty of 1 year on the hardware.

Ove Decors Breeze might be the right purchase if you want to try one of the bestsmall shower enclosures because of its reversible installation, stylish appearance, and an included acrylic base.


2. DreamLineCornerview Glass Enclosure

DreamLineCornerview Shower Enclosure

  • Size: 34.5 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 4 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome

Owning a small bathroom does not mean you have to compromise on shower quality and comfort. It’s the reason why the DreamLineCornerview glass enclosure deserves your attention. This model has a modern appearance that maximizes your bathing space and makes it more stylish.

DreamLineCornerview has a center opening design that contains two sliding panels and two stationary ones on each side. Hence, it can fit any corner of your bathroom, perfect if you have a minimal bathing area. Moreover, this model is available at a reasonable price tag, which allows you to upgrade your bathroom without much thoughts.

The glass enclosure has a size of 34.5 inches, which has a 20 3/4 inch wall-in opening. It is constructed with 5/32 inch (4 mm) clear tempered glass. Apart from that, the hardware is finished in attractive chrome.

The Cornerview is suitable for small bathrooms where a swing door might not work. Plus, it allows ½ inch adjustments on each side for uneven walls. There are full-length magnetic strips to contain the water and keep your bathroom clean. Try the Cornerview if you want to personalize your shower space.


3. ELEGANT Glass Enclosure

ELEGANT Shower Enclosure

  • Size: 36 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 6 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Brushed Nickel

Elegant Glass Enclosure is ideal for small bathrooms because of its corner installation and sliding doors. Designed to rest in any quarter of your bathroom, this model creates a comfortable showering space. It is available in size 36 x 36 inches, but another version is also with dimensions of 34 x 34 inches.

The glass enclosure is built using ¼ inch (6 mm) clear tempered glass, ANSI Z97.1 certified. It’s shatter-free and hence, easy to maintain. The sliding doors have vinyl seal strips with an inbuilt magnet, which keeps your bathroom clean by containing all the water.

An elegant glass enclosure gives you a comfortable walk-in space of 20.5 inches. It has a brushed nickel finish, which instantly adds a modern touch to your bathroom. Plus, there are stainless steel handles that are durable and elegant.

Try the Elegant glass enclosure if you own a compact bathroom because it utilizes the corners, which might be wasted otherwise. Moreover, this shower chamber includes a shower base, which has a non-slip design, which cannot break easily.

A shower base is an excellent addition, conducive if you are building a new bathroom. It can withstand all the users so that all your family members can enjoy comfortable showers without any risks.


4. SUNNY SHOWER Corner Shower Enclosure

SUNNY SHOWER Corner Shower Enclosure

  • Size: 36 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 4 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Brushed Nickel

Sunny Shower corner shower enclosure has a double sliding door design, beneficial if you own a small bathroom. It’s built using aluminum hardware and 4 mm tempered glass, which is ANSI certified. Hence, this model is robust and durable.

The corner enclosure has two sliding glass doors, which give access to a comfortable showering area. It has a size of 36 inches, which is adjustable to 35 inches as well. Hence, you can install this fixture on uneven walls. The walk-in space is 2.5 inches, which suits all its users.

This shower chamber mounts in the corner, which saves a lot of open space in your bathroom. This enclosure has a square shape, which makes it stable, stylish, and elegant. Moreover, this model does not create any noise when you slide its doors.

If you are searching for one of the bestminimalist shower enclosures, this model by Sunny Shower deserves a chance. Both its doors are sealed using magnetic strips, which ensures none of the water drops comes out while you enjoy the bath. Moreover, the enclosure is resistant to heat and cold, which is another impressive factor why you should try it.


5. ELEGANT Shower Enclosure

ELEGANT Shower Enclosure

  • Size: 34 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 6 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Brushed Nickel

The Elegant shower enclosure is suitable for a variety of bathrooms because of its adjustable width. This fixture has a size of 34 inches, but its width can be adjusted to 33 inches. The walk-in space is 20.5 inches.

The shower enclosure uses tempered glass that’s 6 mm thick. The hardware is made of aluminum, which is an advantage because it’s a durable metal. Also, the track rail is built using stainless steel, which ensures noiseless operation and keeps the door stable.

Thanks to magnetic vinyl deal strips, you don’t have to deal with a watery bathroom after every shower. Due to these strips, the enclosure remains leak-proof. Apart from that, there are stainless steel handles on both doors.

If you are looking for a high-quality shower enclosure, try this model. Its durable, comfortable and allows convenient entry or exit. Moreover, the price tag is reasonable.


6. Aston Cascadia SDR995 Shower Door

Aston Cascadia SDR995

  • Size: 34 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 10 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel

Aston Cascadia SDR995 is entirely frameless, which makes it attractive and elegant. The shower door has dimensions 34 by 72, and its width is adjustable between 33 ¾” – 34. Plus, this fixture is available in three different finishes, so you can pick any of them that suits your bathroom.

The Cascadia SDR995 has a tempered glass construction, which is 10 mm thick. It installs as a swing door and adds luxury to your bathroom. This model features a wall-mounted hinge, which allows safe and sleek movement with zero thresholds. Moreover, none of these hinges makes any noise while you use the bathroom.

Due to thick glass and stainless steel hardware, the shower door can withstand daily usage. Plus, this door lasts for many more years to come without asking for early repairs. Moreover, its style is inspired by 5-star resorts. Take a look at its design, and then you may agree with us.

Aston Cascadia SDR995 has a reversible construction, which means you can install it for either right or left-hand door opening. An expert can easily set this shower door within a few minutes because it does not have many parts. With frameless glass and brushed stainless finish, this model adds luxury to your bathroom.


7. VIGO VG6012BNCL36 Shower Enclosure

VIGO VG6051STCL48WL Shower Enclosure

  • Size: 4.125” L x 46” W x 73.325” H
  • Tempered Glass: 10 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Brushed Nickel

VIGO VG6012BNCL36 comes with a unique reversible handle, which means you can install it with a left or right opening as per the bathroom. Due to such a design, this extra-luxurious enclosure easily fits in a very small bathing area. Moreover, the chamber is durable due to its thick tempered glass and stainless steel hardware.

The tempered glass is ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201-certified, which means it can withstand daily wear and tear without any problems. Apart from that, the shower enclosure has dimensions of 34.125 inches in width and has a length of 46 inches. It gives you a comfortable walk-in space of 32.875 inches.

After looking at all the features, you might like the VG6012BNCL36 Shower Enclosure. This model deserves your attention because of its high-quality construction, elegant appearance, and spacious design.


8. Art Leon Glass Enclosure

Art Leon Glass Enclosure

  • Size: 35.43 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 80 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Sand Silver

If you want a rectangular glass enclosure for your bathroom, try this model by Art Leon. It has a width and height of 76.77 inches, respectively. Also, this fixture gives you a walk-in space of 20.5 inches. These measurements are perfect for a small bathroom.

The cheap glass enclosure is built using 5/16″ (8mm) clear tempered glass, which resists water spots and is easy to clean. Its sand aluminum hardware is corrosion-resistant, durable, and withstands daily usage. Plus, this fixture has full-length evident seals that keep your bathroom neat.

Due to two sliding doors, the Art Leon glass structure might be a perfect investment if you have a small bathroom. Moreover, it has a reversible design. So, you can install this bathing chamber to the left or right side of the toilet.

Art Leon enclosure installs in a corner, and hence it’s a space-saving fixture that does not occupy all the open space in your bathroom. This model has a sleek appearance, which adds style to any décor. Try it if you want to try one of the best minimalist shower enclosures without paying a high price.


9. SUNNY SHOWER Corner Shower Enclosure, B08RD5XPZG


  • Size: 32 inch
  • Tempered Glass: 12.7 mm
  • Hardware Finish: Polished Aluminum

The extra compact dimensions of the Sunny Shower corner shower enclosure are a perfect addition for small bathrooms. It has a width and height of 32 and 72 inches, respectively. Another good news is the enclosure’s durable construction. This model has a 12.7 mm thick clear glass, which is solid and long-lasting.

Sunny Shower corner shower enclosure has an adjustable width between 30.5 to 32 inches. So, you can easily install it in a small bathroom. Apart from this variant, there are two other sizes available for this model. So, you can try any of them as per the open space in your bathroom.

This shower enclosure has a semi-frameless design, which looks great in your bathroom. Plus, it has polished aluminum hardware and stainless hinges. All the components are water-proof to form a safe, stable, and durable structure.

All thanks to its 180-degree rotating hinges, you can install this enclosure in any of the corners of your bathroom. It does not occupy much space. Try this model if you are looking for a cheap but high-quality shower door.



Consider the options mentioned above when browsing for one of the smallest shower enclosures for a compact bathroom. Try any of them, depending upon the available space in your bathroom and its decor.

Ove Decors Breeze is the best model because of its CSA-certified glass, sliding door, and included base. If you want to try a cheap but high-quality model, go for SUNNY SHOWER Corner Shower Enclosure.

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