Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

The high price of mattresses has been a significant complaint about buyers. We only need mattresses to rest at night so why do they have to be so expensive?

The high cost of mattresses is due to a lot of reasons. This article will tell you all about why mattresses cost so much. Read on.

Why Are Mattresses Expensive?

It is no news that mattresses generally cost a fortune. The question is why mattresses are so expensive? Many things are contributing to the high price of beds.

However, the main reason is that the cost of building them is high. Mattresses are composed of expensive materials like latex, pocket springs, and memory foam.

Some even have extra features like border trimming. All these are what add up to make them pricey.

How Much Will I Spend To Get A Good Mattress?

There’s no specific price for a good mattress. However, in terms of price, there are several indicators that we can take note of. For example, the longer the lifespan of a bed, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Besides, there are certain mattress construction materials which are likely to have a high-cost impact on the bed, like pocket springs and memory foam.

On average, a good mattress will cost between $500 and $800. You can also get a new high-quality mattress in retail stores for an average price between $800 and $ 1000. Now, imagine sleeping on the mattress $1000 for every night of eight years. This implies that each night you only $0.35 on quality sleep. Mattresses are an integral piece of furniture and considering that we spend a third of each day on them, their prices are fair enough.

We only spend a few hours in our cars each day; however, they cost an average price of around $33,500. This implies $92 per day, and we don’t even spend a lot of time in it. Mattresses don’t cost this much, but we almost can’t do without them each day.

The Average Cost Per Day For Mattresses

Mattress Price15 Years
(5475 Days)
10 Years
(3650 Days)
5 Years
(1825 Days)
$1500$0.27 per day$0.41 per day$0.82 per day
$1000$0.18 per day$0.27 per day$0.55 per day
$500$0.09 per day$0.14 per day$0.27 per day

How Long Will A Mattress last?

how long will a mattress last

Mattresses typically last for at least 8 years before they lose their support, shape, and comfortability. However, even this is dependent on various factors like the weight of the sleeper, the sleeper’s sleeping pattern, product specifications, and how often the bed is used. Maintenance and care also play a significant role. The model of the mattress is a factor as well.

A bed that cost less than $500 is likely to deteriorate faster than those above that price.  Beds below this price are expected to last for maybe three to five year. There’s a high possibility that mattresses that are priced at $800 and above will continue for around 8 to 10 years.

If you’re shopping for a queen mattress in a box, you should go for mattresses along this range. Thankfully, many of today’s reputable mattress models offer mattresses along this price range.

Other Factors That Influence The Cost Of A Mattress

Latex and memory foam mattresses are the most expensive, followed by pocket coils and spring mattresses. The density of the materials is excellent determiners of mattress cost. Mattresses with denser and all-natural materials cost more.

Another thing that influences mattress cost is the type and amount of fabric used in the bed. While artificial fibers are not so expensive, natural ones cost a lot.

Again, the border of a mattress is another factor. Generally, hand-side stitched borders are more expensive than machine stitched or quilted borders. They can affect the mattress price by up to $150.

The high cost can also be due to marketing cost, sales commissions, retail mark-ups, delivery cost, and the durability of the mattress and the level of technological innovation.

Finally, most people end up paying a fortune for a bed because they settle for the price without negotiating with the salesperson.

Do Higher Prices Always Mean Better Sleep?

Better Sleep

Though it is true that the cost of producing mattresses generally affect the price at which they are sold, higher rates do not always mean better quality or better sleep. Mattresses with prices exceeding 1200 are likely just as good as other beds that are not as expensive as that.

They don’t give better rest than other beds or offer more amount of support and cushioning. Features such as European pillow top, gel infused foam, and mini coils don’t improve sleep and should therefore not affect the mattress price significantly.

Some brands that offer high- quality, yet affordable mattress include Dream Cloud and Purple. Dream Cloud mattresses cost between $1000 and $1200, while purple sells theirs for around $1300.

  • More Ways to Save on a New Mattress

Saving on a new mattress does not only have to be about buying less-expensive mattress brands or low-quality mattresses. There are various ways to save money while you buy a bed, and some of the methods have been provided below.

  • Shop Online

Apart from ease, the ability to compare prices is perhaps the most helpful thing about shopping online. You could look through the amounts of all the available beds and then choose one with the best deal. Also, there won’t be any middle man involved so the additional cost of a middle man will not be included. Besides, you will find out fast if there are any sales promotions.

  • Read reviews

You can save a lot of money by reading customer reviews. What people are saying about a product matters a lot if you must get the best price for a qualitative mattress. By reading reviews, you can tell if your low-price mattress choice is worth it, or if you can get something better by stretching your budget just a bit.

  • Use coupon codes and shop the sales

Searching online for coupon codes or browsing to find out whether your mattress company has any ongoing deals are wise ways to save money on your new mattress. People who want to save when they buy products use this trick, and it could work for you too.

Tips On Buying A New Mattress

  • Budget

So, what’s your budget? It is vital to determine this before going shopping for a mattress. Mattresses and their prices vary, and this is why you need to have a budget in mind and stick to it. Some kinds of mattresses tend to be cheaper than others. However, with a budget, you can compare your options and make a perfect choice for yourself. Having a budget also prevent you from overspending.

  • Traditional or speciality

Would you instead go traditional? Or do you prefer a speciality mattress? Coil mattresses are not as expensive as speciality mattresses like hybrid foam. However, if you have the budget for it and you don’t mind trying it out, speciality mattresses aren’t so bad. Make sure to read reviews first.

  • Soft, firm, or with pillow top

When it comes to the sturdiness of a mattress, people have different preferences. Make sure to take your own choice into consideration when buying your new bed.

  • Warranties and guarantees

Well, the warranties and guarantees that your mattress company offer with their mattress should also be taken note of. Different brands have different warranties so pay keen attention to that of the brand and mattress model you decide to purchase. Note also that different mattress models from the same brand can also have a separate warranty as well.

Bottom line

It is true that mattresses are expensive. However, this does not mean that if you can’t get a bed that will offer you great sleep and still is affordable at the same time. Why are mattresses so expensive?

Now you know why. Try out our recommendations for saving money on a new bed. It’ll help you’ll save a lot of your hard earned money when purchasing a new mattress.